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Plastic Pails, All Sizes
Plastic Pails
These heavy weight white HDPE pails could be ideal for storing a variety of products.

The plastic pails include your choice of a reike spout cover for easy dispensing or a solid cover
Both lid choices include tear tabs. Lids without tear tabs available to order.

All pails also feature metal handles with white plastic handgrips.
Steel Pails, All Sizes
Steel Pails From oils to hazardous chemicals, our selection of steel pails can handle large quantities of any liquid or solid. These rugged and reinforced steel pails are virtually impenetrable, and can protect your product with airtight seals and incredibly long life expectancies. Options include:
  • Various Linings: Phenolic, Epoxy Phenolic or Rust Inhibitor (Unlined)
  • Straight-sided pails or nesting pails for efficient storage when empty Shop Pails or UN-Rated Pails
  • Lug Cover available plain or with a Rieke Fitting
  • Plain Dish Cover and Lever Lock Ring also available

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These are just examples of the most common items we sell to our customers. We can get virtually any container or accessory to fit your specific needs.

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